SoPure Dispensers
Hands-Free Desktop Dispenser
The SoPure Touch Free Dispenser was designed to perfectly fit anywhere: in your home, at your office, and all types of business environment.Put this beauty on your table, fill it with SoPure sanitizer and protect yourself and the people you care about from viruses and bad bacteria!

Technical Details:
Capacity: 280ml,
Dose: 0.8-3ml,
Sensor Distance: 10±10cm,
Batteries: AA1.5V*3 PCS (not included),
Colour: White,
Type: Desktop
Recommendations: add a tray to protect your desk surface
Desktop Mist Dispenser
For those who like stylish devices that look great at home or at the office, SoPure’s Desktop Mist Dispenser is a must have. Its elegant design and misting mechanism provides full protection from bacteria and viruses.

Technical Details:
Auto display counts down 15 seconds mist (the necessary time to completely sanitize hands, keys, money, pens or any other item).
Charged via USB with battery level display.
Product Name: Desktop Mist dispenser
Material: ABS/plastic
Pump Type: Mist
Colour: white with Gold accent
Type: Desktop
Rechargeable, Blue-Ray Wireless Disinfectant Atomizer
Sanitizing your surroundings has never been so easy! Disinfect and Sterilize any space to rival Professional Cleaners. Easy to use. Fill with disinfectant solution, and easily clean common high-traffic areas including seats, groceries, cars, and countless business or home settings. Uses 800 ml sanitizer or disinfectant liquid. This atomizer can be used with SoPure sanitizer or the QA-based surface cleaner and disinfectant.

Technical Details:
Weight: 690g
Size: 25 X 23 cm
Rated Power: 10W
Rated Voltage:
Power Supply Voltage:
Battery capacity: mach1500/2600
80 - 120 minutes
Charging time: 2 hours
Water bottle capacity:
400/800 mL
Wall Mounted Dispenser
This elegant hands-free spray dispenser can be mounted on walls or on its own stand. Quantity of spray dispensed can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Suitable for public areas such as office buildings, schools, banks, retail stores, hospitals, etc.

Technical Details:
Material: ABS/plastic
Batteries:8 pcs AA batteries (not included)
Pump Type: Spray. Two levels of adjustable spray
Colour: white with black accent
Type: Wall or stand

Dispenser Stand With Dispenser

This sleek modern wooden stand is custom made in Ontario, Canada. Fits perfectly in any location by augmenting its environment. Available in black or white colo. Portable and easy to assemble.
This stand may be personalized with your company logo.

Technical Details:
Contemporary wooden stand
Material: 3/4” solid plywood
Dimensions: 48 inches high; mounted on 14” x 14” recessed base
Weight: 14lbs
Comes with Dispenser
Available in Black and White

See how to assemble SoPure Dispenser Stand With Dispenser