SoPure 4L Refills
80% USP GRADE ETHYL ALCOHOL - SoPure Energy Moisturizing liquid hand sanitizer is formulated with an industry-leading USP Grade Ethyl Alcohol. Contains the highest and purest ingredients to rid your skin and hands of viruses and germs.
NON STICKY RESIDUE - Gently cleans your hands
without leaving behind any sticky residue.
EXTREMELY MOISTURIZING - Enriched with Vitamin E and proprietary emollients, this unique product will keep skin soft, preventing hands from drying or cracking. Gentle Enough For Continued Everyday Use.
NATURAL AND VEGETABLE BASED - Made from 99% natural vegetable-based ingredients. No harmful Chemicals, No Triclosan. Safe to use by children 2+.
ECO-FRIENDLY REFILLABLE BOTTLE - Stay enviornmentally friendly, eliminate unnecessary waste in landfields by refilling our travel size bottles.
Ingredients used: denaturated alcohol, water, natural glycerol, isopropyl alcohol. emollients (may contain tocopherol (Vitamin E), Aloe barbadensis), DC&F colour additive, fragrance*.

*Our scented and unscented sanitizer are manufactured in the same room and using the same equipment. There may be the probability that the unscented sanitizer have come in contact with machinery that was used to package and manufacture the scented ones, that is why we list fragrance as a probable ingredient. We do not add any fragrant in our unscented products. Please if you don’t feel comfortable, do not use them.

Health Canada approved - NPN 80097934